Friday 16/12/16

Base + Climb
A. Synchro Skill Work
Take some time to work on the movements with your partner and try to get your timing spot on
Synchro EMOMx24mins
All movements to be performed in Synchro. Partner up with someone of the same skill and fitness level. To make it a success, you need to talk to your partner and try to move at the same speed.
Min 1: 2 Sets of 3-5 Ring Dips/Dips each whilst partner holds top of Ring Dip Hold or 8-15 Push Ups (meet at top)
Min 2: 8-12 Front Squats (meet at bottom and top)@75-135/45-95#
Min 3: 10-14/7-9 cals Row or Assault Bike each
Min 4: 7-15 Hanging Knee Tucks or T2B (meet at top)
Min 5: 5-10 Burpee Box Jumps/Athletic Burpee Step Ups (meet on top of box)
Min 6: Rest

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