Partner Friday 23/06/17

Base + Climb
For each piece, one partner will complete the run or row, whilst the other completes the AMRAP. When changeover occurs, let them know the score and continue to count the total reps complete for each piece. Follow this process for the 12mins.
A. AMRAPx12mins
300m Run
15 KB Hang Power [email protected]/10-16kg (7-8/arm) or 15 Alt DB Power [email protected]/10-15kg (15 total)
15 Tuck Crunches (try to keep feet off ground for entire set)
*Climb do KB, Base do DB
*score is total number of reps completed
rest 6mins
B. AMRAPx12mins
300/250m row
15 Light Wall [email protected]/8-10#
30 Double Unders or 12 Athletic Burpees
*score is total number of reps completed

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