Saturday 24/06/17

A. Power Snatch 5×[email protected]+%; as needed
*quality technique and fast reps
B. Build to 8RM Back Squat in 8mins
*use the same load from last week where you did 6 or 7RM
C. 12-9-6-3 (7min cap)
HSPU or Push Press
Hang Power [email protected]/65-95#
Hop the Bar Burpees
*only do HSPU if your ME is greater than 8. This not a stare at the wall WOD doing singles and doubles. Hit it fast and go after it!
Met Con
A. AMRAPx25mins
[email protected]/35#
Russian KB [email protected]/8-16kg
Sit Ups
*100m run

If you complete the ladder, start at the 24 and go again until 25mins has elapsed

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