Thursday 09/02/17

A. DB/KB Split Squats 3×5-8/leg; 2mins
B. Skill: Alt DB Power Snatch (10mins)
*go heavy
C. @90% effort
10 Alt DB Snatch
20m Sled [email protected]/45#
12/8 Cal Row
rest/walk 3-4mins
A. Skill: DB Squat Snatch (10-15mins)
B. For Time (7min cap)
60 Bar Facing Burpees
*EMOM complete 2 [email protected]% of 1RM. Start the WOD with 2 Snatches
C. Assault Bike or AirDyne
3mins for Max Cals
rest/walk 3-5mins
Met Con
A. For Time
3 Rounds of
10 Alt DB [email protected]/10kg
10 V Crunches
300m run
3 Rounds of
15 KB Goblet [email protected]/16kg
15 KB Romanian DL’s
300m run
3 Rounds of
10-15 Tuck Crunches
10-15 Push Ups
300m run
50 DB [email protected]/7kg

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