Thursday 11/05/17

A1. DB or KB Walking Lunges 3-4×10 (total); 1mins
A2. Strict or Assisted Chin Ups 3-4×1.1.1; rest 10s bw reps and 3mins bw sets
*add weight if possible
B. Half Turkish Get Ups 2-3×10/arm; 2mins
*perform only up onto the elbow or hand
C. EMOMx12mins
Min 1: 16-20 Alt DB Snatch
Min 2: 6-10 Burpee BJ’s
Min 3: 3-5 Wall Climbs or 10-15 Push Ups* (*full range, set up in rig if needed)
Min 4: 10-20 T2B or HKT’s
A. Overhead Squats 3×[email protected]; 2-3mins
*try to achieve same weight as last week
*if legs buggered from yesterday, do DB Bench Pulls 3×[email protected]
B. Strict HSPU 3×6-8; 3mins or Technique Work
*deficit or partner assisted. Whatever you choose, ensure it is full range (15# plate with abmat in middle)
C. AMRAPx10mins
3 Strict Ring Dips or Dips
5 Strict Pull Ups
7 Push Ups
9 Bent Over [email protected]/65-95#
Optional Strength Extras
A. T-Bar Row 4×3; 2mins
B. Banded Lat Pulldowns 3×[email protected]; 2mins
C. EZY Bar, BB or DB Preacher Curls (in GHD) 3-4×[email protected]; 1-2mins
*set elbows on GHD and lean over it, the boys will know how to do it 🙂
Met Con
A. In relay format, complete 3 efforts each in teams of 2
25/18 Cal Bike
30m Sled [email protected]/25#
B. AMRAPx15mins
21 Wall Ball
15 HKT or T2B
9 Burpees

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