Thursday 13/07/17

A. Handstand Progressions. Work on one of the following:
-Wall Walks
-Static Hold Against Wall
-Negative HSPU
-if proficient at HSPU, join the Climb Class
B. Move Well and Fast
10 tng Deadlifts (moderate load)
40m Sled Push (moderate, high turnover)
100/80m Row
rest/walk 4-5mins
*quick transitions. Move well and fast. Try to get it done under 65s
A. Kipping Deficit HSPU Skill Work
B. EMOMx5mins
1-3 Deficit Kipping HSPU
*go as deficit as possible
C. AMRAPx12mins
4 HSPU or L-Seated DB Press
6 Power [email protected]/65-95#
8 Front Squats
10 T2B
*score is total number of rounds + reps completed (28 reps is 1 round)
Met Con
A. Rope Sled Pulls 3x20m; 2-3mins
B. EMOMx20mins
Min 1: 14-17/7-14 Row Cals
Min 2: 15 KB Swings
Min 3: 6-8 Burpee Box Jumps
Min 4: 15-20 Sit Ups
Strength Extras
A. Strict WG Pull Ups 2xME; 3mins
B. Strict CG Chins 2xME; 3mins
C. GHD SU 2×20-30; 3mins

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