Thursday 14/07/16

A. Isometric Pull Up Hold <elbows at 90 deg> 5×15-20s (use a spotter if needed)
B. For Time
35 Pull ups or
Skill work or
Strict Pull Ups or Lat Pull Downs 3×[email protected]×0

C. Isometric Ring Hold or Push Ups Hold (FLR) turn palms out 5x20s; 2mins
D. Strict Push ups 5×[email protected]×0
*use a spotter by tying a band around your waist and getting them to help you with the concentric contraction.

A. Bicep Curls 3×10; 2mins
B. Isometric Hollow Rock 3×20-30s (hold a dowel overhead)
A. Muscle Ups
15 Muscle Ups; 8mins x 2 or
10 Muscle Ups; 8mins x 2 or
Skill work
*if proficient at Muscle Ups, use a weight vest.

B. AMRAPx8min
5 Bench Press
8 Torsonator bents over row
12 Crunches – knees at 90 degress on a box

A. Handstand Hold against the Wall 3x60s
*facing the wall

B. Isometric hollow rock 3×20-30s
*hold a dowel overhead

Met Con
A. Modified EVA
3-5 Rounds
500-800m Run
30 Russian Swings
15 Pull ups or Ring Rows

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