Thursday 23/11/17

Base + Met Con
A. 3 Rounds
7 Deadball Cleans Over Shoulder or Deadball Deadlifts
15m Deadball Carry at Waist
B. 3 Rounds For Max Reps, 45s on each station, with 15s transition
Min 1: Hang Power Clean and [email protected]/35-55#
Min 2: Sled [email protected]/25#
Min 3: Turkish Get Ups (alternate sides each set)
Min 4: Bike Cals
Min 5: Side Plank (alternate sides each set)
Min 6: Rest
A. For Time
30 Muscle Ups if more than 10 unbroken
20 Muscle Ups if less than 10 Unbroken
or EMOMx6mins
5-15 Pull Ups
B. EMOMx10mins
Min 1: ME Unbroken Kipping HSPU (the goal is 10-20/set)
Min 2: 10-15 GHD-SU
C. For Time (4min cap)
20 [email protected]% of Tues Heavy Clean

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