Thursday 30/06/16

Week 2 of skill work: Pull Up, Muscle Up and Handstand Push Up
A. Pull Ups: Skill Work (20mins)
or Unbroken Kipping Pull Ups or Kipping C2B Pull ups 10×3; rest as needed
or Strict/Assisted Pull Ups 5×3-5; 2-3mins

B. Handstand Push Ups 10×2-3; rest as needed
or Pike Handstand Push ups with knees supported on a box 10×5; as needed

A. Wide Grip Lat Pull downs 5×[email protected]
B.  DB Standing Press 4×[email protected]
C. Bicep Curls 3×10; as needed

A. Muscle Ups Skill Work (20mins)
If proficient complete,

20 Muscle Ups For Time
B. For time
15-10-5 of each
Ring Dips
Strict HSPU Push ups

A. Handstand hold against the wall 2x1min (hollow position)
B. Isometric ring dip hold, palms turned out 3x20s
C. Ring Rows 3×[email protected]×2

Met Con (Brookvale and Mona Vale Only)

A. For Time
25-15-10 of each
AD Cals
Ring rows
25-15-10 of each
Row Cals
Wall Balls
KB Swings
25-15-10 of each
Push ups
Sit ups
Run (400m-300m-200m)

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